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Posted on: April 16th, 2011

Event » SiteNite 2011

PhilaMade folks are busy folks. We aren’t idle, lazy people; we are all folks that are heavily relied upon daily to create great work. While we all take great pride in our work ethic, there isn’t a ton of extra time to tackle extra-curricular projects that we don’t feel passionate about. That’s where SiteNite comes in.

The task: can we mobilize our awesomely talented community to help create this site without stretching it out over weeks or months? That was the genesis of “Site Nite.” One night; one website. You put a bunch of smart people into a room, provide them an environment to succeed, and enough alcohol and caffeine to keep them awake.

Relive the evening by checking out the #sitenite Twitter action or the numerous photos from the evening.

Posted on: April 16th, 2011

News » Hey ma, look! We got a website!

Moses parting the Red Sea is slightly more miraculous than the launch of But not by much. With the help of a slew of participants we proudly present the inaugural version of It was designed, created, developed and launched in a single, heavily-caffeinated evening.

A shout out to AppRenaissance for hosting our web-slinging shenanigans. And to all those who helped us pull this off, a gigantic pat on the back. We obviously couldn’t have done it without you.

  • Nick Agnew
  • Henken Bean
  • Jamie Blomquist
  • Greg Christman
  • Tim Crowe
  • Dan DeLauro
  • Michael Johnson
  • Patrick Marsceill
  • Kelani Nichole
  • Steve O’Connell
  • Andy O’Dore
  • Tim Quirino
  • Joe Rinaldi
  • Jordan Santell
  • Tim Singer
  • Allison Wagner
  • Patrick Walsh
  • Chuck White
  • Teil Wise
Posted on: April 7th, 2011

News » Building Community on Cognition

What does it take to build a community that collects the ‘illinist creatives in the Illadelph? PhilaMade board member Joe Rinaldi shared his musings on the topic of “Building Community” on Happy Cog’s Cognition Blog. Give it a read and share your thoughts.

Posted on: April 3rd, 2011

Event » Philakaraoke

What a night PhilaMade Karaoke turned out to be! That was truly an impressive showing for a school night! If you haven’t yet browsed the photos that the talented Chuck White snapped, head over here to witness (and remember!) the fun all over again.

We are excited to see such a diverse and energized room of talented folks come out for a PhilaMade event. Thanks to all you crooners, balladeers, sirens, divas, punkers, rockers, and nu-metal’ers for coming and sharing your non-9-to-5 talents.

Posted on: November 29th, 2010

Event » Show n’ Tell 01

We want to share our very special thanks to Jack Beitler and Justin Gravante from CIM and Todd Miller and Sean Trepani from The Archer Group. There is no Show & Tell without brave teams willing to showcase their work and be the first presenters. Without context to build on, they set the bar and set it very high. We’d like to recognize Todd Miller again specifically for his passion for his fantastic work and his deft handling of the unexpected. He earned the small fan club he collected last night. Thanks to Chuck White for the technical support (again) and Jack Beitler for his neighborly assistance. Thanks to Dana Helland for the ongoing event support. Jamie Blomquist saved the day at the end. The Rinaldi family in particular owes her one.

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